TARANTACREATIONS is an Italian company since 2007, with offices in Rome and Shanghai, specialized in high end Architecture and Interior Design.TarantaCreations brings the ultimate luxury trends to clients that are also passionate to innovation. Either for dream homes or commerical projects,TarantaCreations is the perfect design company to deliver high class concept and ideas into reality. Our approach to design is multicultural , able tocombine western element with oriental influences and is based on the understanding of our clients lifestyle.  


The Taranta Creations is led by Enrico Taranta.  Before founding his own office, he worked at Massilimiliano Fuksas and SMCAlsop. For Massilimiliano Fuksas, Taranta was participating in and developing the project of the Rome congress centre “The Cloud”, which is nearing completion. For SMC Alsop he worked on the design of the Shanghai North Bund International Cruise Terminal. He has been worked with other designers who come from Copenhagen, New York, Miami, Shanghai and Nigeria.  TARANTACREATIONS team is a very strong group, the team’s leadership is the achievenment of the fusion of the Chinese culture and western culture. We are a team of architects and interior designers with passion and incredible enthusiasm, focusing on projects from the urban planning to the architecture and interior design .  
塔然塔设计的跨国团队由恩里克•塔然塔先生领导。在创立自己的工作室前,他在MassilimilianoFuksas和SMC Alsop工作过。在为Mas- silimilianoFuksas工作期间,塔然塔先生参与设计并开发罗马国会 中心——“云”,此项目即将竣工。在SMC Alsop工作期间,他参加了在上海的“北外滩”国际邮轮码头的设计。他曾与来自哥本哈根、纽约、迈阿密、上海和尼日利亚的设计师合作过。塔然塔设计团队是中外合作的团队,欧洲人深厚的创造灵感以及与其共事的专业中国本土设计 师的如虎添翼使得塔然塔设计在行业内雄踞一方。我们是一个由富有激情与热忱的建筑师及室内设计师组成的团队,专注于一系列从城市规划,到建筑设计及室内设计项目的创作。
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